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Bug Fixes: Seperated the section into two sections, Bug Fixes and Tweaks
Bug Fixes: Added Improved Lighting Shaders
HUD: Added Consistent Pip-Boy Icons
Visuals: Removed New Vegas Redesigned 2 Revised (after playing every modern Bethesda game and trying a bunch of different face overhauls, I really just think dealing with vanilla faces is the best and by far easiest option)
Visuals: Added Anniversary Anim Pack General Bug Fix
Gameplay: Added NPCs Sprint
Overhauls: Removed Economy Overhaul (imo the economy will be busted no matter what and you will always have plenty of caps, so making everything cheaper doesn't really work)
Overhauls: Removed GRA Relocated (related to above, weapons being on vendors gives the player to spend their plentiful amount of caps on)
Overhauls: Added Misc Gameplay Merge
Overhauls: Removed Complex Vendors/Better Ghouls (redundant with Misc Merge)
Overhauls: Added Player Combat Priority
Overhauls: Removed Follower Formula Redone (relatively devisive mod, companions are now balanced by Player Combat Priority and charisma is now balanced with the bCapSkillsBySPECIAL setting in Tweaks anyways)
Overhauls: Removed Mobile Truck Base (didn't really fit the spirit of the guide imo. Also has one unfixable bug lighting bug and one prety crucial bug I couldn't figure out where parts of the van mesh have bad collision and will cause the game to crash if an item collides with them)
Content: Added a new Content section, which houses Uncut Wasteland and TLD along with a few new mods
Content: Added Essential DLC Enhancements Merged
Content: Added Mojave Raiders
Final Steps Updated load order


Gameplay: Finally replaced the individual Just mods with Just Assorted Mods, along with a custom INI for it
Gameplay: Removed Marathoner (redundant with Just Assorted Mods' sprint)


INI Tweaks: Set the default value of iNumHWThreads to 2 in case people dont read the instructions to change it, it is safer to have it set to a value lower than the number of threads you have than having it set higher. Nothing has techincally changed provided people follow the instructions correctly though
INI Tweaks: Removed the [Water] INI changes, as I don't think they help performance at all on high-end PCs and they are also the default settings on the High preset and below so lower-end PCs won't be affected (again provided they read the instructions)
Utilities: Added my own custom INI for NVTF, as the performance INI from the mod page has been removed


Gameplay: Moved JSawyer Ultimate to the Overhauls section. Since it makes the game more difficult by adjusting the default level cap, carry weight, and health formulas, it seems like a better fit. I still would personally use it even on a first-time playthrough, but I received enough complaints for me to move it


Overhauls: Added a custom INI for Unfound Loot that makes it more cohesive with the rest of the guide out of the box


HUD: Removed Consistent Pip-Boy Icons (there is nothing wrong with this mod at all, but VUI+ now includes a remastered version of the interfaceshared0.dds which was the main reason that CPI was included. You should totally keep the mod if you already have it installed, but for s i m p l i f i c a t i o n purposes, it's being removed. CPI's file size was also about 5x more than the rest of the mods included in the guide lol)
Resources: Added guide for generating LOD with FNVLODGen
Resources: Added guide for merging mods with FNVEdit


Bug Fixes: Updated WMIM ESP Replacer to include a vanila copy of the 1hpequip.kf file. This makes the WMIM Wrist Fix redundant without causing any addition bugs like the wrist fix did (since the bug is now fixed on an engine level with JIP LN NVSE)
Bug Fixes: Removed WMIM Wrist Fix (see above)


Utilities: Added Console Paste Support
Bug Fixes: Added No Muzzle Flash Lights
Visuals: Added B42 Weapon Inertia and NV Compatibility Skeleton
Visuals: Added Vanilla LOD (custom mod)
Visuals: Added A Little More Lamplight
Visuals: Added New Vegas Redesigned 2 Revised
Gameplay: Separated the Gameplay section into two sections, Gameplay and Overhauls. Gameplay will contain the smaller mods that don't make the game much harder and just add modern QOL features and stuff. The Overhaul section contains the bulk of the difficulty mods like Unfound Loot and Economy Overhaul)
Gameplay: Added Uncut Wasteland plus NPCs
Overhauls: Added notes to enable bBarterCheckActorBuySellFlags and bLuckDoesntAffectGambling options in Stewie's Tweaks
Overhauls: Added Complex Vendors
Overhauls: Replaced Fallout 3 Economy with Economy Overhaul (Economy Overhaul got updated recently and is back to being my preferred mod)
Overhauls: Added Better Character Creation
Overhauls: Added Better Ghouls
Overhauls: Added The Living Desert (I find it incredibly hard to play without this mod now, the game is just way too empty without it)
Overhauls: Added Mobile Truck Base Remastered (am I shilling all my own mods? maybe)


Visuals Exchanged Yellow Goodbye for Altitude (Altitude is my new weather mod that I just released, which I believe or not prefer)
Visuals Added Simple Interior Lighting Overhaul
General Replaced the home background image with a new screenshot with Altitude. Let me know if you think its kinda hard to read with the white text on the bright lights, its fine for me but I'm sure it varies a lot with monitor settings and all that.


Gameplay Added a custom INI for JSUE, which enables the new "Survival Mode" feature and the lowered XP feature among others
Gameplay Removed Fallout 4 Survival Mode Damage (the Survival Mode option mentioned above in JSUE does the same thing)
Gameplay Added Unfound Loot (great mod, surprised it took me this long to add it)


Gameplay Swapped out OG JSawyer for JSawyer Ultimate Edition (call it a failed experiment. I originally thought OGSawyer's simplicity would make it easier to work with, but it really isn't much simpler that JSUE overall. Plus it probably lead to many more questions about why the guide uses OG instead of JSUE lol)
Finish Because of the above change, the Conflict Resolution FOMOD isn't needed anymore (well, there is still the YUP - GRA Reloacted patch, but that only patched one small harmless record that will be fixed in the next version of the mod so whatever. no harm in keeping it in your LO if you already have it installed)


Bug Fix Swapped out UPNVSE for the new UPNVSE Plus (UPNVSE Plus was specifically made to replace UPNVSE)
Finish The load order and conflict resolution have both been updated to reflect the above change


- [HUD] Finally re-added Consistent Pip-Boy Icons (I feel like I was waiting for something to re-add it, but I can't remember what it was so whatever. gud mod)


Hey, long time no see!
- Added New Vegas Heap Replacer to the Utilities section (finally)
- Changed the installations of the Utilities to manually through MO2 with a note about installing them manually if they don't work when installed through MO2 rather than the other way around (i feel like this was a pretty major source of confusion previously, so hopefully this will clear things up and not totally backfire. Oh and if you already have the utilities installed and working manually, there is no need to change anything)
- Added an ESP replacer for WMIM that strips it down to everything but required texture set/static changes rather than just hiding the ESP (just hiding the ESP caused visual glitches on a few weapons, this will fix that and is still conflict free)
- Various instruction improvements since i can never be satisfied


- Changed the NVTF instructions to use a raised iMaxFPSTolerance (300), as the automatic FPS tolerance setting has some issues and will most likely be removed soon


- Added a changelog!

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