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Creating a Separator in MO2

  1. Right-click anywhere in the left pane of MO2 and select All Mods -> Create Separator
  2. Name the separator Overhauls
This page contains mods that greatly overhaul the game by making it much more challenging (and more rewarding in turn) and adding new features. These mods are not recommended for a first playthrough of the game. It is especially important to read the descriptions of these mods (you should still read the description of every mod), so you know what has changed and how to use the new features.

JIP LN Overhauls INI

Installation instructions:

- Allows NPCs to use weapon modifications and enables Fallout 3-style repair in which weapons can only be repaired up to a condition % equal to your repair skill

lStewieAl's Tweaks Overhauls INI

Installation instructions:

IMPORTANT: It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to read through the two INI files from this. They contain relatively major gameplay changes and you will be very confused if you don't. It's only a few lines and takes less than a minute to read.

- Enables extra gameplay-oriented settings in Stewie's Tweaks without completely overwriting the original INI

JSawyer Ultimate Edition

Installation instructions:

- An updated and fixed version of the gameplay re-balance mod made by the lead director of the game, Josh Sawyer

With this mod installed, it is highly recommended to play on High difficulty or lower.

JSawyer Ultimate Tweaks

Installation instructions:

- My personal INI file and other small balance/consistency tweaks for JSUE

The INI contains many configurable features, such as an adjustable level cap and carry capacity formula. You should look through the INI and see if there are any features you would like to change. For example, you can set fCarryWeightBase to 150 if you want the vanilla carry weight formula back.

Laser Weapon Iron Sights

Installation instructions:

- Adds functional iron sights to all energy weapons

Unfound Loot

Installation instructions:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Unfound Loot 1.0rc2 link to start the download
  2. Finish the installation normally through MO2

- Dynamically lowers the amount of loot in the game

Unfound Loot Custom INI

Installation instructions:

- Balances the settings in Unfound Loot to better fit the rest of the mods in the guide

Player Combat Priority

Installation instructions:

- Makes enemies focus on the player in combat rather than solely companions

Misc Gameplay Merge

Installation instructions:

- Compilation of many smaller gameplay-related mods, all updated, fixed, and optimized to work together

Better Character Creation

Installation instructions:

- Improves the character creation by speeding up the process, adding specialized gear based on your tag skills, and making Wild Wasteland an opt-in feature rather than a trait

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