Viva New Vegas

A Comprehensive 2020 Fallout New Vegas Modding Guide

"If you want to see the fate of democracies, look out the windows.”


Fully modular, comprehensive, and regularly updated modding guide
Modularity allows for any personal preference to be satisfied
Suitable for beginners, veterans, and everyone in-between
Custom patches and conflict resolution where necessary
A Tale of Two Wastelands version available here
Personal troubleshooting, guide announcements, and more available through Discord

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Setup your Fallout New Vegas game
for modding by installing and configuring
Mod Organizer 2 and many other useful tools.
Includes many essential mods/tweaks and bug fixes,
providing the perfect base for anyone looking to mod FNV.


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Enhance the visual capabilities of New Vegas
by adding new effects/lighting and replacing
Textures/Models. Includes LOD generation along
with support for all levels of PC specs


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Overhauls many aspects of the gameplay,
such as the combat and the economy, using many
customizable mods that don't completely change the
core of the game. Centered around difficult yet
rewarding gameplay that stays balanced and true to vanilla.


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Adds many hours of new lore-friendly and balanced
content ranging from new quests to new weapons/armors.
All the new content fits seamlessly with the vanilla game
so you can't tell what is modded and what is vanilla.