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Final Steps

Load Order.txt

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the mod manually
  2. Once the download has finished, click the mo2 folders button at the top of MO2 and select Open Profile folder
  3. Extract the loadorder.txt from the downloaded archive to opened folder and overwrite when prompted
  4. Once the file is extracted, right-click in the left pane of MO2 and select All Mods -> Refresh

If you have not added any mods to the guide, Altitude.esp and Altitude - Zion Music.esp should be the two bottom mods in your load order (the Plugins tab in the right pane of MO2) after applying the load order and refreshing MO2. If not, you made a mistake during mod installation. Join the Discord for support.

- Automatically ensures your load order is correct for the guide. This will still work if you didn't install certain mods, but if you added your own mods they will be sorted to the bottom of the load order and need to be manually moved back to their proper position. If you do not know how to check where any mods you have added should go in the load order, it may be best to not add any mods not in the guide.

Configuring the Mod Configuration Menu

The Mod Configuration Menu can be accessed via the in-game pause menu. The settings will be reset upon starting a new game, so it is best to wait to tweak the settings until you start the save you intend to play on. The only mods in the guide that have an MCM are Just Assorted Mods and Unfound Loot. I personally leave everything default, as I have already tweaked the mods to my liking in the Custom INIs provided by the guide, but you can change any settngs to your personal preference.

Finishing Notes

Congratulations! You now have modded Fallout New Vegas set up perfectly and can enjoy a completely stable/smooth experience. You may want to add your own mods on top of the guide, but that is only recommended if you are an experienced modder. If you do not know how to do manual conflict resolution in FNVEdit, or how to sort your load order manually, it is highly recommended to NOT add any of your own mods. And remember, I do not provide support setups that have added mods. The game is very fickle and will break under too much pressure, and many popular mods are broken and will accelerate this process greatly. Here is a list of many popular mods that you should avoid if you are adding any mods. And remember, if you run into any trouble or have any questions, join the Discord and we'll be sure to help you out. DO NOT bother the authors of any of the mods in the guide if you have issues, that's what the Discord is for.

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