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Bug Fixes

Creating a Separator in MO2

  1. Right-click anywhere in the left pane of MO2 and select Create Separator
  2. Name the separator Bug Fix + QOL

Yukichigai Unofficial Patch

Installation instructions:

If you do not know what these instructions mean, or how to install mods with MO2, read the Mod Installation Advice section from the MO2 page

- Fixes thousands of bugs with both the base game and DLCs

Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus

Installation instructions:

- Fixes many bugs like YUP, but takes advantage of NVSE and JIP LN

Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod

Installation instructions:

- Fixes iron sight alignment of all weapons, various mesh errors, and many other weapon related bugs

Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod ESP Replacer

Installation instructions:

WMIM ESP replacer install

- Removes all changes the mod makes other than the changes required for the mesh fixes, as the original ESP has some bugs, conflicts, and many non-bug fix changes

lStewieAl's Tweaks

Installation instructions:

- Collection of many configurable quality of life improvements/bug fixes. All features come disabled by default, but the next mod will take care of that

lStewieAl's Tweaks Custom INI

Installation instructions:

stewie's tweaks INI install

With this INI, a few important hotkeys are added that you should know:
Ctrl+F: Allows for searching in menus
F6: Create a full save
F10: Load the most recent save (as if the player has died)
I: Toggles the HUD on/off
N: Toggles night vision effects on/off
M: Opens the Pip-Boy to the map
J: Opens the Pip-Boy to the quests

- My personal INI for Stewie's Tweaks that enables many of the bug fixes and quality of life improvements. All changes are documented in the INI file. Gameplay changes will be covered in the Overhauls section

As these are just my personal preferences, my INI can be exchanged for any other preset INI (such as Axonis's), or you can download the Optional File - Stewie Tweaks INI 2.1 from the Stewie's Tweaks page which has everything disabled, and go through the INI and tweak all the features to your own liking. You will need some form of an INI in order for the mod to fully function.

Faster Pip-Boy Animation

Installation instructions:

- Doubles the speed of the Pip-Boy opening animation

No Muzzle Flash Lights

Installation instructions:

- Disables the lights cast by muzzle flashes, which can greatly improve performance in combat

This mod does not disable the actual muzzle flashes, but rather the lights the muzzle flashes cast on the environment. See the mod's screenshots for details.

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