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Creating a Separator in MO2

  1. Right-click anywhere in the left pane of MO2 and select All Mods -> Create Separator
  2. Name the separator Gameplay

This step contains only mods that improve the gameplay without making drastic changes or making the game much more difficult. These mods are fully recommended for a first-time playthrough. The next step will contain "overhaul" mods that make the game much harder and more interesting, but are not recommended for a first playthrough.

JSawyer Ultimate Edition

Installation instructions:

- An updated and fixed version of the gameplay re-balance mod made by the lead director of the game, Josh Sawyer

Follower Tweaks

Installation instructions:

- Reworks Boone, Ed-E, and Rexes' companion perks to be less intrusive/annoying

GRA Unique Weapons Relocated

Installation instructions:

- Places the unique weapons from the Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC throughout the wasteland, rather than them all just being sold by vendors

Just Loot Menu

Installation instructions:

- Adds a highly-customizable Fallout 4/76-style quick loot menu

Just Dynamic Crosshair

Installation instructions:

- Adds a highly-customizable dynamic crosshair that varies based on your skill, weapon spread, etc

Just Hit Marker

Installation instructions:

- Adds a highly-customizable FPS-style hit marker

The individual "Just" mods are used instead of Just Assorted Mods because I do not feel like the other mods fit the vanilla-plus style of the guide. If you want all the features of Just Assorted Mods however, you can install it instead of the previous three mods without any issues.


Installation instructions:

- Increases your movement speed 25% while not in combat

Real Recoil

Installation instructions:

- Adds smooth, realistic, and configurable recoil

Real Recoil Custom INI

Installation instructions:

real recoil INI install

- Fixes downward recoil and adds support for JSawyer Ultimate Edition

Uncut Wasteland

Installation instructions:

- Restores many pieces of cut scenery and a few NPCs that were cut because of console limitations

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