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Creating a Separator in MO2

  1. Right-click anywhere in the left pane of MO2 and select All Mods -> Create Separator
  2. Name the separator Gameplay
This step contains only mods that improve the gameplay without making drastic changes or making the game much more difficult. These mods are fully recommended for a first-time playthrough. The next step will contain "overhaul" mods that make the game much harder and more interesting, but are not recommended for a first playthrough.

Just Assorted Mods

Installation instructions:

- Highly configurable set of new modern features such as a quick loot menu, dynamic crosshair, sprinting, and more

Just Assorted Mods Custom INI

Installation instructions:

- Enables/disables/tweaks certain settings to be as balanced and true to vanilla as possible. Can be further tweaked to your liking in the Mod Configuration Menu

NPCs Sprint

Installation instructions:

- Allows for melee-weilding enemies to use the new sprint feature from JAM

Real Recoil

Installation instructions:

- Adds smooth, realistic, and configurable recoil

Real Recoil Tweaks

Installation instructions:

- Fixes bugs within Real Recoil and adds support for JSawyer Ultimate Edition

Follower Tweaks

Installation instructions:

- Reworks Boone, Ed-E, and Rexes' companion perks to be less intrusive/annoying

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