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Creating a Separator in MO2

  1. Right-click anywhere in the left pane of MO2 and select Create Separator
  2. Name the separator Tweaks

lStewieAl's Tweaks

Installation instructions:

- Collection of many configurable quality of life improvements/bug fixes. All features come disabled by default, but the next mod will take care of that

lStewieAl's Tweaks Custom INI

Installation instructions:

With this INI, a few important hotkeys are added that you should know:
Ctrl+F: Allows for searching in menus
F6: Create a full save
F10: Load the most recent save (as if the player has died)

- My personal INI for Stewie's Tweaks that enables many of the bug fixes and quality of life improvements. All changes are documented in the INI file. Gameplay changes will be covered in the Overhauls section

As these are just my personal preferences, you can use your own INI instead of mine. You can download the Optional File - Stewie Tweaks INI 2.1 from the Stewie's Tweaks page which has everything disabled. Settings can be tweaked either directly in the INI or by using the menu found in the in-game settings menu.

Simple DLC Delay

Installation instructions:

- Delays DLC pop-ups until you meet the level requirements or discover the entrances to the DLC areas

Faster Pip-Boy Animation

Installation instructions:

- Doubles the speed of the Pip-Boy opening animation

No Muzzle Flash Lights

Installation instructions:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the New Vegas link to start the download
  2. Finish the installation normally through MO2

- Disables the lights cast by muzzle flashes, which can greatly improve performance in combat

This mod does not disable the actual muzzle flashes, but rather the lights the muzzle flashes cast on the environment. It also only disables the effect for NPCs by default, but that can be configured via the included INI file. See the mod's screenshots for details. Like any mod in the guide, it can be skipped if you like the effect and don't mind the performance hit.

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